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  • Advocacy Teacher Training Course for the Borneo Advocacy Training Centre (BATC)

  • The IATC assisted the Advocates Association of Sarawak, the Sabah Law Association and the Brunei Law Society to establish the Borneo Advocacy Training Centre (BATC) in March 2015.
  • A team of trainers from the IATC was assembled for the purpose of conducting an Advocacy Teacher Training Course (ATTC), namely Audrey Campbell-Moffatt, S.C. (Hong Kong), Brendan Navin Siva (Malaysia), Ian Robertson, S.C. (Australia), Patrick O’Sullivan, Q.C. (Australia), Gregory Vijayendran, S.C. (Singapore), Ira Biswas (Malaysia), Cheow Wee (Malaysia), Anand Ponnudurai (Malaysia), Maidzuara Mohamad (Malaysia), Andrew Chiew (Malaysia) and James Khong (Malaysia).
  • The ATTC was held from 27 – 29 March 2015 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah at the High Court complex. The course was attended by senior advocates from all 3 bar associations that comprise the BATC.
  • At the end of the ATTC, a list of advocates that we felt were qualified to become advocacy trainers was submitted to the BATC. The BATC will be organising their own advocacy courses in 2016 and will be inviting trainers from the neighbouring Bars to assist them in these courses.
  • The airfares for each of the aforesaid Trainers for the ATTC were borne by the Hong Kong Bar Association, the Malaysian Bar Council, the Australian Bar Association and the Singapore Law Society respectively.
  • The IATC is grateful to the said Bar Associations for their commitment to promoting the best standards of advocacy throughout the common law world.
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